Understanding Social Tech

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COM.UNITY is a leading Israeli foundation focusing on social-tech empowerment. Our mission is to help social-tech visionaries to pursue their vision and execute their innovative ideas. We support those entrepreneurs that use technology to address social challenges. We believe that like other instances, Israeli Social-Tech will prove to be another technological global success story.

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COM.UNITY was founded in 2014 by Assaf Elovic and David Saidon, in the Interdisciplinary Center Hertzilya aside a team of twelve talented students which voluntarily helped manage, develop and organise the yearly activities.

Today, COM.UNITY is powered by three of the original members, aside a talented staff, who believe that Technology can truly be used to solve big social challenges.

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An anual program in which students nationwide build technological solutions for global social challenges.

Ten carefully selected groups have exactly six weeks to charachterize, design, and develop, with the guidance of their mentors from the software industry, a prototype of an application that will inspire the population to take action in their charity of choice or will assist the charities routine operations.

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