B-Kind is a platform that encourages people to volunteer by connecting them to people with needs. It was developed by a highly ambitious developing & interactive-design team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ruppin Academic Center, with the cooperation of Bat-Ami, a well-established and non-profit organization experienced in the field of National Service.
The main feature of the product is a dynamic feed of volunteering opportunities in which an end-user can scroll through them and choose the ones he would like to participate in. The opportunities are uploaded by the active National Service volunteers of the organization. These volunteers work with people from all walks of life and as a result of that, chance upon cases of trouble and need.
We believe that this product can spread throughout the country, under the assumption that people want and like to volunteer, as long as it is easy and accessible values which were a great focus and inspiration during the developing process. Furthermore, the fact that active National Service volunteers are the only providers of volunteering opportunities makes this product very reliable and safe.
In conclusion, this product addresses not only active members of Bat-Ami, but every person in Israel and can make a real difference for the volunteers themselves and for the people they help