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The problem is that due to lack of communication, the foundation loses its clients.
My name is Lior Prigal, I lead a team that develops a mobile application, which creates a platform that connects Machshava Tova, their volunteers and the foundation's students.
The connection allows a continuous communication within the organization that creates new opportunities:

  1. Increase the number of volunteers in the foundation.
  2. Strategic research
  3. Learning continuation in Ecotech.
  4. For the first time the foundation will be able to Measure its impact in the society.

Our solution uses social elements, similar to social networks.
We use gamification techniques, in order to to encourage the users to use the application for the short and the long term.
The solution will be available for Ecotech project in the first phase, and for all of the foundation's audience in the second phase.
We built the solution in a way that it can be used in any charity foundation.
We have a prototype application ready, and we will be excited to show it to you.