Leket Israel is an organization engaged in the rescue and distribution of food to needing families and soup kitchens, through about 180 different organization. The main activity of Leket Israel is a Katif Day a gleaning day across the country, where Leket Israel volunteers rescue agricultural products, that otherwise, would have been thrown to the trash. While being a rather large organization, they lack public awareness, as only 19% of the Israeli public is familiarwith Leket Israel. These days, more than 55,000 new volunteers come to Leket Israel every year. However, only 1% of the volunteers who come to the harvest days, mainly through their workplace, return to Leket Israel to volunteer. We developed a single app for the general public that will answer Leket Israel`s main problems:

  1. Making the gleaning day a more fun, competitive and engaging experiene, through sharing photos and achievements on social networks. This makes volunteers want to come back, while increasing awareness via social networks.
  2. To engage volunteers on an on­going basis, while promoting the concept of ‘food saving’, the app has a user­friendly interface, which allows the user to key in whatever remaining food products or groceries one has at home, and receive relevant recipes. The users can share recipes, upload own recipes, make social recommendations etc.