The Heschel Sustainability Center aims to build a sustainable future for Israeli society. The problem: lack of awareness and understanding of the concept of Sustainability; and creating the link between this concept to the center. 
BeHeschel is a challenge-based mobile application; with its challenges based on Sustainability principles, therefore implementing a solution for the problem. BeHeschel is an Android app that interfaces with Facebook. 
After reading the challenge description and performing the challenge, the user can upload a photo depicting the performance to the social network. The app encourages the users to challenge friends from Facebook to perform the challenge as well, by giving extra points to the challenger when a challengee performs a challenge. We expect the app to create a viral wave of solidarity with the Sustainability concept in Israel. 
The in-app scoring system separates the score according to 3 major aspects of Sustainability: Ecological, Economical and Social. This kind of system demonstrates the Sustainability principles in a fun and interactive way. The user will be able to see his global influence in each aspect!