Do-Good is a website whose purpose is to allow organizations to raise funds and volunteers for specific causes, in an effective and efficient manner.
Raising the funds and volunteers are based on the crowd funding business model. All activities have a target date and specific objective to which anyone who is involved in the site itself can follow at all times.
The observer will be able to see all actions that have been executed; details on progression of fund raising and attainment of resources. This will allow the observer to have access to final results too.
Once the process has been set in action, the user will receive regular notification to his/her e-mail, thus allowing him/her to see the results thereof.
In the event of the inability of reaching the funding target as pre-planned, the user (donor) will be entitled to a refund or alternatively to choose another option available. By means of this, the volunteer is able to have free choice as to what project he wishes to contribute his time and money.
The site includes a 'leader board' (top volunteers), which encourages healthy competition, and the ability to see who the volunteers are also that are taking part in the assigned project.
Finally the site provides an intuitive and easy to use admin panel for the organization to generate reports and add events.