We support Entrepreneurs that use Technology to address Social Challenges



COM.UNITY Appgrading Society 2014 Challenge - 6 week summary.

COM.UNITY runs the annual social tech challenge and encourage the brightest minds to compete in teams  from over 25 universities & colleges in Israel.

Only single social challenge is being tackled via the competition in order to measure impact, excellence and find leading key performance indicators (KPI’s).

The goal is to tease out ideas & innovation while creating the next generation of social businesses, one that combines good and profit. Top teams will win an acceleration package and seed funding in order to make their ideas into living breathing social business.


Minister of Science, Yaakov Perry, greets COM.UNITY.

Today, almost every moment there is a new revolutionary start-up in creation, but it is no surprise that in most cases these start ups are not about finding solutions to acute social problems. To that end, we founded COM.UNITY - an Israeli charity focusing on Social Tech empowerment. Our mission is to help social-tech visionaries to pursue their vision and execute their innovative ideas. We support those entrepreneurs that use technology to address social challenges. 

Our goal is to trigger more entrepreneurs to divert their skills to the social arena, and to assist those already active to fulfill their social and technological vision. We believe that just like in other cases, Israeli entrepreneurs have what it takes to come up with innovative social-tech ideas.

"Harnessing technology for the greater good of society is the key for creating scalable and replicable social impact" 
"COM.UNITY are today's leading authority in the field of social entrepreneurship, and the competition they organise is the fertile ground from which future entrepreneurs grow" - Omer Peled, Leket Israel.
"In today's dynamic world, the connection between Technology and Social challenges is not nice to have, it's must have" - Yael Elstein, Beit Izi Shapira.