to.get.there is a joint social venture by Computer Science students from Tel-Aviv and Ben-Gurion Universities and the "House of Wheels" foundation, which provides services to rehabilitate and socially engage people physical disabilities. 
to.get.there will meet the need to increase the quality of life of people with disabilities through a social app, which will be a social search engine for places, services and volunteers willing to help people with disabilities. Therefore serving the cause of making information and assistance more accessible for people with disabilities. 
The project will assist in three ways: increasing the accessibility of information, creating a consumers club and providing help for people with disabilities by volunteers. 
This social search engine for handicap-accessible places and services will encourage aggregation and generation of information regarding handicapped accessibility. We've developed a platform in which users can search, review, rank and add information - thus creating a self-growing social search engine and a reliable crowd-wisdom based database that is scalable.
Business owners that provided services for the handicapped will be able to offer unique discounts - thus creating a potential and powerful consumers club.
The application will allow connecting volunteers from the community with those in need – thus improving the lives of people with disabilities. 
Alongside the social software application, to.get.there consists of a service hotline operated in the "House of Wheels" foundation that will employ people with disabilities and assist the users of the application with their needs. We've developed a desktop monitor screen that will help the foundation manage all its needs regarding the social application. to.get.there is here to increase the access to information and help and create a true change in the disabled community.